Our mission is to work with your medical or research facility to meet your planning and
t needs including technical support from beginning of project to end of equipment term.
What's New?
Managing The Process....
Introducing MARECreate  - our newest division specializing in OR Layout and Design Services, created
to assist your team in managing the process in planning your ORs.  We specialize in the management
of lights, booms, integration, imaging and layout ensuring your investment in the end result works
smoothly with your team's flow.  Based upon years of managing this process as a function of our
equipment sales in numerous projects, we recognized the need to expand and introduce this service.  
MARECreate provides the common link between your Clinical staff, Architect, Facilities, Engineers,
Contractor and equipment manufacturers.
 By putting to work over 35 years of OR experience and
technical support combined with utilizing modelling tools such as AutoCad and Revit, the process is
 Our goal is to allow you maximum flexibility, now and in the future.
To provide a hands-on visualization we also offer a unique service with full sized, articulating
equipment mock-ups to aid in conceptualization as necessary.  We let you work in the space before
you build it.

In the final phase of your project, MAREC's experienced installation team will bring top quality
workmanship to the installation process of these items whether in the OR, ICU or Laboratory

Evans and Paul is a leader with more than 30 years in the solid surface industry.  They utilize
latest manufacturing equipment and software to provide unique solutions.  Look into Evans
Paul when you need Solid Surface Solutions to make your project a success.

You dream it, they build it!