We work with your medical or research facility to meet your needs for planning and equipment
including technical support from beginning of project to end of equipment term.
What's New?
Skytron Hybrid Rooms: The Perfect Match of Technology and
Skytron's vast OR experience provides market leading and versatile design for
the use of advanced surgical equipment and diagnostic tools capable of
transforming the OR from complex MIS to open procedures.  Our full Partnering
with Siemens and Philips provides the best and cleanest solutions.
Xecan What is the XECAN oncology solution?
XECAN oncology solution automates patient greeting and queuing, patient chart opening,
and treatment delivery verifications. It eliminates "wrong patient" and "wrong treatment"
Right patient, Right chart, Right treatment.
Connecting the dots......
Intelligent and innovative management of information and precious resources through cutting-edge technologies including
Skytron's CenTrak and Airista RFID/RTLS, Workflow management, Advanced Image Management and Storage, Inventory
Control and Treatment Management
A New Clean...
Durability, efficiency... Many unique solutions are incorporated here.  Contact us to learn more.
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